KNITTONS Women's Cashmere Soft Merino Wool Turtleneck 310gr Sweater Pullover Top

KNITTONS Women's Cashmere Soft Merino Wool Turtleneck 310gr Sweater Pullover Top
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KNITTONS Women's Cashmere Soft Merino Wool Turtleneck 310gr Sweater Pullover Top - B078SF29W4

  • BRAND KNITTONS is the Official European Brand and Manufacturer. Model measurements: Height 5'10 "/ Bust 34" / Waist 24.5 "/ MODEL IS WEARING SIZE: SMALL . KNITTONS sweaters always correspond to the indicated measurements table. The weight of the sweater in size M is 310 grams + - 5 grams. This midweight single jersey base layer sweater is made out of 100% All Natural Pure Extra Fine Merino Wool Cashmere Soft Italian Yarn ( 18.5-micron long fibre ).

  • PERFECT TECHNOLOGY For more than 5 years, we produce our sweaters only out of Italian yarn, produced by Edoardo Miroglio yarn manufacturer, who is recommended by the Pitti Filati World Fair. Its flexible merino wool fiber prevents our pullover from wrinkles and gives its luxurious feeing stretch. All yarn of this manufacturer is mulesing free. Colors of KNITTONS sweaters do not fade with time and even after a years of wearing, it will look the same as the day you bought it.

  • CLASSIC DESIGN " Slim-Fit model ", means that the sweater will perfectly fit on your figure. You can also wear it with a light T-shirt or shirt, though in this case, we recommend to consider buying a size up. This all-seasons sweater ensures comfort and warmth on a daily basis and in the different situations. Perfect for traveling, outdoor activities and sports. Our sweater is: the timeless design made with the best technologies.

  • ESSENTIAL LAYER Threads of KNITTONS Woolen Sweaters keep their shape and are straightened by its own weigh, which allows them to avoid the appearance of folds and wrinkles with the active daily wear. Our pullovers are simply irreplaceable, when going on a trip. Instead of worrying about taking an iron with you, just take our sweater as an essential item of your journey. At the end of the day, we recommend you to hang the sweater and, in the morning, you will not have to iron it.

  • PRACTICAL CHOICE KNITTONS sweaters are made from a single thread without a single knot, which eliminates the accidental appearance of holes. This makes our sweaters durable, sustainable and long lasting, resistant to pilling and shrinkage after washing. Though we recommend that you read the care instruction and follow it when washing your sweater. Merino sweaters absorb moisture up to 30% which makes it simply irreplaceable for active walks in the forest and mountains, as well as for traveling.

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