Pretty Pushers Ruffle Cotton Jersey Labor Gown

Pretty Pushers Ruffle Cotton Jersey Labor Gown
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Pretty Pushers Ruffle Cotton Jersey Labor Gown - B00WGPOUB2

  • Tie closure

  • A gown styled with a feminine ruffle for more coverage from Pretty Pushers!

  • Tie-neck halter for immediate skin-to-skin access & breastfeeding

  • Low-cut back to allow for epidural access if necessary

  • Adjustable tie closures, Frontal opening to allow for fetal monitors

  • Trim & synthetic free, can be disposable, purposely unfinished hems

  • The Pretty Pushers labor gown is a smart, inexpensive alternative to the standard used hospital gown for labor and delivery. Aside from being soft and stylish, the best aspects of Pretty Pushers birthing gowns are the necessary openings for medical access points. Many modern labors involve monitors, IVs, and epidurals - and women are left feeling disappointed and exposed by the traditional unisex hospital gowns, which allow for none of the above. Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gowns are designed with an opening in the front for fetal monitors, a low-cut back for epidural access (if needed), and a tie halter neck for size adjustment and immediate skin-to-skin access after delivery. This is no-nonsense design - with only a few seams, no hems, synthetic fibers or plastic trimmings - it can be responsibly disposed of OR washed and re-worn after birth for breastfeeding. Own Your Labor!

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